Privacy policy

As a company whose business involves the intensive use of data communication, Miki Tourist Co., Ltd.(referred to as "Miki Tourist") takes personal information protection seriously. In order to ensure the privacy and security of our customers' personal data, our company has implemented the following privacy policy:

1. Personal Information Collection

With your consent, Miki Tourist collects personal information fairly and in compliance with the current legislation.
You may withdraw this consent at any time.

2. Personal Information Use

Miki Tourist has ensured that personal data collected from our customers is handled strictly within the scope of our duties as a travel services provider.

Miki Tourist, in order to provide the travel services requested, supplies personal data to its authorized third party suppliers; the data provided is limited to essential information such as transport and accommodation booking details.

Miki Tourist exerts a strict supervision of the transmission of personal data between the company and its authorized third party suppliers, in order to secure the highest level of privacy and security of the information.

With regard to specific personal information obtained by Miki Tourist, this will only be used within the scope of our legal duties under the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure. Once the use of personal information for these administrative purposes is complete, the information will be deleted or destroyed.

3. Personal Information Sharing

Miki Tourist does not pass on personal data to third parties without receiving the consent of our customers beforehand, unless if required to do so by law.

Where such information is passed on to third parties, our contract with them will specify that personal information is to be handled appropriately.

4. Personal Information Management

Miki Tourist has ensured that all personal data is accurate and held securely.

Miki Tourist has taken appropriate measures against personal data loss, destruction, tampering or leakage.

Miki Tourist has implemented information protection management policies to prevent data breach.

When personal information is transferred, it will only be done so with the approval of the Corporate privacy protection officer, and Miki Tourist will ensure that there are no data leaks. When it is no longer necessary to retain your personal information, Miki Tourist will delete it immediately.

5. Personal Information Access, Review, Deletion

Miki Tourist recognizes our customers' right to access, review, and remove their personal data. Should such request be made, we will proceed with the changes required, after checking the authenticity of the request and in conformity with the law and the company's regulations.
Customers who may have any suggestion or question are invited to contact our Privacy Policy Desk at:

6. Personal Information Of Minorities

Miki Tourist has ensured that personal data of minorities, as well as one of adults, is securely protected. In case entering into a contract of travel arrangement with minorities, Miki Tourist makes sure of their guardians' consent.

7. Data Security Measures

Miki Tourist has established stringent internal rules to protect our customers' personal information, under the supervision of specially appointed corporate privacy protection officers.

Miki Tourist has put in place a comprehensive series of data security measures that include a training and education program for both company managers and employees, to ensure the proper handling of personal information to protect our customers' privacy.

8. Formulation, Implementation, Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

Miki Tourist, in compliance with Japan's current data protection legislation, has implemented a corporate Personal Information Management System incorporating the company's own policy, Act on ther protection of Personal Information, as well as other applicable guidelines and regulations. We ensure that all our employees have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Program and that they fully cooperate in our constant efforts to improve personal data protection.

Note: Miki Tourist may amend, update or make additions to this policy. Any revision will be displayed prominently on this web site.

Date of enactment : April 1st, 2005
Date of revision : December 3rd, 2018
Shigeru Fukui
Managing Director, Miki Tourist Co., Ltd.

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